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Audi yanks bad banana ad

The German luxury brand apologized for a social media ad that some critics called too provocative and others said showed a young girl in danger.

Penske's choice: No fans at Indy 500

The new owner of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway called his decision to run the 2020 race without spectators "the toughest business decision I've ever made in my life."

The power of dealership data

Technology product integration creates efficiency for dealerships. It's also at issue in a federal lawsuit in Arizona over control of data inside a DMS.

Test videos put at-home shoppers in virtual passenger seat

Dealerships are using virtual test-drive videos to give customers a feel for getting behind the wheel and learn about a vehicle's features even if they're avoiding an in-person visit during the pandemic.

Mass-market brands could spark EVs

Consumer reluctance to buy an EV could change as new models hit showrooms for mainstream brands.